Thank you for finding us!  

We are a  Paranormal Team located in North Conway, NH, with 21 years of experience, investigating and studying the paranormal. We are also history buffs, and devote time to helping Historical Societies raise money to keep Historical buildings/locations alive. We offer up many services other than investigations to do just that.  Please see our Services page to see what we offer!

 Investigations are still our primary focus!

The Luna Paranormal Research team enters into each and every investigation with an open mind. Our goal is to find the true source of the issue, whether it be caused by something  mundane or extraordinary.  The result we strive for is to make the home owner or business owner comfortable and secure in their surroundings. We focus on confidentiality, integrity, and respect for both the client and the spirit world.  We use equipment that we feel is validated, tried and true. We DO NOT use Spirit Boards,  Pendulums, or Dowsing rods  for any investigation...these are NOT true tools, and can be easily influenced.

We NEVER charge a fee for an investigation. 

While Hauntings are our major focus, we never rule out other areas of interest in regard to the paranormal. UFOs, BigFoot , etc.

Kelly Rogers and Linda Merritt ~ Lead Investigators, Luna Paranormal Research